Kristen’s Musings

With the recent release of our new YA chick-lit romance, Stargazing from Nowhere, we’ve been paying extra attention to the current fangirl culture sweeping the world. It seems to be that One Direction … [read more]

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Kristen’s Closet

Anyone else sad to see summer go? At least there are nice fall fashions that we have to look forward to wearing. Below are some of Kristen's favorite items for the fall. What are some of your fall … [read more]

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Michael’s Notebook

Someone wants her ex-boyfriend back, and badly. Isabel and Marilyn Thomas are the chick-lit authors behind Stargazing from Nowhere, a YA novel about a rock star, the small town girl he falls … [read more]

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Kristen’s Favorite Things

Deserts with apples and cinnamon are Kristen’s favorite. While her best friend Maggie serves the yummiest at the Beat the Blués Cafe, Kristen enjoys the Milestone’s Caramel Gingered Apple Crisp on … [read more]

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The People in Stargazing

Teens and tweens should love their moms, because moms generally always wants what is best for their kids, and being human, they often ere in their means to help their kids with life's challenges. … [read more]

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The town of Spencerville

Many of the things that make small towns special are their charming homes, and quaint inns. While Spencerville, Minnesota is a fictional place, these photos are authentic to the spirit of … [read more]

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